David Clayton​


Dave has been professionally piercing for just under three years. He is dedicated to providing Empire's customers with the highest quality jewelry as well as the most up to date piercing techniques.

He is consistently learning from other professional and experienced piercers in the industry and accomodating his clients with respectful, comfortable enviornments and proper aftercare.
The jewelry at Empire of Ink comes from the leaders in the industry of high quality body jewelry and is guaranteed for a lifetime. This jewelry material is ASTM F136 implant grade titanium, ASTM F138 commercially pure steel, niobium or 14/18k gold and is made in the United States. (These are some of the same materials that doctors use in pacemakers and is second to none.) Every piece is hand set with no glues or adhesives and is hand polished to a mirror finish, making it super smooth ensuring not to irritate the piercing channel and eliminating the risk of bacteria trying to form in any scratches or knicks. All gems are genuine Swarovski and will never cloud, maintaining to look as  shiny 75 years from now as it does the day of your procedure.

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