Special Events

Little Rock Tattoo Show - Little Rock, AR

Two of our artists, JP King and John Rheaume, attended the first annual Little Rock Tattoo Show. With them were Miguel, our shop piercer Dave and two of our apprentices, Stormi and Justin. The show was held June 9th-11th at the Statehouse Convention Center. Competitions were held all weekend, and JP was asked to be a judge for Sunday evening! Both of our artists stayed busy with lots of artwork and meeting new people. Our shop looks forward to this show next year!

Tattoos by
​John Rheaume

Tattoos by
​JP King

As always, thank you to our customers for always supporting us!

JP King judging one of the weekend's tattoo competitions.

Tattoo Alley Convention - Fort Smith, AR

Two artists (JP King and John Rheaume) traveled to Fort Smith, AR the last weekend of April for Tattoo Alley 2016. The convention was held all day Friday and Saturday inside Fort Smith's convention center along with the Steel Horse Biker Rally. On Saturday morning, these artists were joined by Stephen Monnet from Electric Panther Tattoo Gallery. Competitions were held and John Rheaume brought home a trophy for Saturday's Tattoo of the Day! The weekend was full of laughs, happy clients and LOTS of ink!

Tattoo by John Rheaume

Artists (from left to right): JP King, Stephen Monnet and John Rheaume

Tattoo by JP King

John Rheaume's tattoo and trophy for Saturday's Best of Day tattoo

JP King

Stephen Monnet

John Rheaume